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Double your contribution to Duniya with Dancers’ Group’s matching challenge!

Duniya Dance and Drum Company is celebrating 10 years of movement, rhythm and community!  From performances that honor traditional dance and music to community classes and festivals, we make work that champions cultural exchange, social justice and community building.

We are asking our supporters to help Duniya kick-start another decade by making a donation and watching it double! Dancers’ Group will match every dollar raised as part of their brand-new initiative to help organizations like Duniya continue to create, perform, and educate.

In a climate of cultural disparity and segregation, help Duniya continue to unite, connect and cultivate cross-cultural cohesion through traditional forms of music and dance.

Help us raise $3,000 by September 4th (yep, that’s just over a week away)! Funds raised will support our 10th anniversary production; allow us to pay for rehearsal space, choreographers and artists; and make it possible to plan Duniya’s next decade!

Donations, both one-off and ongoing, are tax-deductible and can be made through our Flipcause page:

We welcome any donation, big or small, and thank you for your ongoing support!

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